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European Maxxroyal Cup 2017 starts in style!

Following a successful 2016, the Maxxroyal Cup stated in Aril with a successful event in the GolfStream Kiev, where Maria Federowycz and Tymur Solliev, won the invitation to the finals in Belek, December 6-10th.

From East to West, May brought the Cup to the wonderful Carimate Golf Club at Lake Como, with a record participation of more than 100 participants. The young Leonardo Pieri, enjoyed a wonderful round and the right of participation to the finals.

Chateau de la Tournette in Belgium was the next step of the May stylish events. The American course was hosting the 2017 event that Philippe de Will won. Meeting many friends and guests was a pleasure to be there and surely next year we’ll be delighted to continue a nice tradition.

The Robert Trend Jones II Golf course Architects preserved the natural beauty of the 200 hectars of sourroundings forest nature and wildlife in The Scandinavian –one of the Denmark beauties.

Jesper Kaie won on the Old Course the traditional competition on perfect rolling greens and well maintained fairways.

Back to East, Maxxroyal Cup the golfers tee up at a new venue of the cup namely PGA Zavidovo by Moscow. Golf Club Zavidovo PGA National looks to be the crown of Russian Golf experience.

In the picturesque venue and a sunny day made it easy for Dmity Leschenko to pack the place in the finals.

A busy May but you can always keep updated with action by following our website or Maxxroyal Journal under

Picture from previous events, please visit our Google channel at

22 Dec 2021

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